I design and implement education solutions that are efficient, effective, and scalable. Specifically, I focus on the development of meaningful learning innovation from discovery and design through production and deployment. 

My research and experience have shown that a full-cycle approach is the most effective way to deliver value. Because of this, I work on full-cycle, full-scale projects. Conceptually, this means that I’m involved in every phase rather than just research and design: I deliver fully functional, sustainable systems.

The way I achieve this is by taking an approach that is methodologically flexible and people-focused. Education innovation is as much about the solution as it is about managing change. So no matter how cutting-edge the technology, my process incorporates strategic planning, instructional design best practices, and stakeholder involvement. I’m deliberate about tapping into community know-how and creating collaborative optimal solutions that take into account the often-intangible but always-essential human element.

This approach has worked in contexts as different as K-12 curricular design, school-district mergers, after-school programs, higher-education distance learning initiatives and even launching the Executive MBA program at the University of Miami. It has worked in corporate settings, non-profits, community schools, and the technology sector. It’s worked in different countries.


Ed.D., Doctor of Education, Specialized in ITDE, Nova Southeastern University

M.S., Instructional Technologies and Distance Education, Nova Southeastern University

B.S., Computer Engineering, Universidad Simón Bolivar

Notable Work

Brainbox Academy LLC
Head of Education
Expert in scaling educational projects, delivering analysis, design, production, and delivery of a Knowledge-Based Social Network for Neuroeducation applications in different environments.

Florida International University Online
Senior Instructional Designer, FIU Online
Design and develop both fully online and hybrid educational courses for the Engineering College at Florida International University.
Faculty development in the field of course delivery at a distance.

University of Miami
Director of Distance Learning and Senior Instructional Designer
Director of Distance Learning @ School of Business Administration, where I designed, developed and Launched for the online modules in the Executive MBA for the Americas @ University of Miami.
Curriculum and Instructional design and development for the online modules in the E MBA for the Artists and Athletes @ University of Miami.

In-House International
Interactive Innovation and Learning Consultant
I led multiple digital discovery and strategic planning for large-scale interactive build projects, gathering insights that saved both the organization and client four months of redevelopment work on average.

Nova Southeastern University

Led the development of two virtual tools widely adopted by the faculty in different departments for resource-sharing, that improved the quality of courses and student engagement. Developed a Faculty Support Portal and a Faculty Toolbox in partnership with faculty champions and staff. In less than 3 years the contagion produced 67% of faculty that were applying best practices and sharing resources in their online courses.

Created with Faculty Champions the Cafes (Non-CRN courses within Blackboard), where faculty, students, and scholars exchange information and knowledge synchronously and asynchronously. Worked together with the OIIT team in the redesign of MyFIN, a Fischler to provide a Knowledge-Based Social Network for all the members at FSE: Faculty, students, staff, and alumniThese tools were adopted by 100% of the Faculty Champions and 67% of the rest of the faculty.

Ministry of Education
Curricular design in information technology for the Ministry of Education, Venezuela (1983)
Developed and deployed the country’s first fully formed informatics curriculum for K-12 education, which was the standard curricular material used throughout the country for the following fifteen years

Design, production, and deployment of interactive education booths.
A project commissioned by the regional power company Electricidad de Caracas to educate the public about its infrastructure plans and how electrical power works. The booths were installed throughout the country and it was the first project of its kind (1983)

Interactive Training prototypes for McDonalds in Latin America

General Motors
Interactive Training prototype research, design, and build for GM.

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